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Through a classical approach based on emotionally engaging storytelling, Tobias Deruwe continuously explores a sense of nostalgia in his work, giving it warmth and authenticity. Focusing on the essence of a moment and emotion.

With a fine eye for detail in art direction, color and sound, he creates films that are both memorable and immersive while conveying a strong message.


Tobias understands the power of collaboration when it comes to bringing his creative vision to life. That's why he actively seeks out talented individuals who share his passion and can help elevate his work.
With an unwavering commitment to exploring new ideas and techniques, he embraces creative challenges and sees them as opportunities for growth, consistently pushing himself to new heights of artistic expression.


Tobias firmly believes in the importance of staying true to his creative vision, and he approaches each new project with great care and consideration. He only takes on films that align with his values and passions, as he knows that he can offer the most genuine and heartfelt contribution to those stories.


Tobias directed films and campaigns for clients such as: Pfizer, Samsung, Vinted, Ketnet, Tomorrowland, Streamz, Suzuki, Vlaamse overheid, Telenet, and many more.


Currently, Tobias just finished directing Belgian’s first True Crime series for Streamz called "True Crime Belgium" and is in the development of his first feature film.

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